Resident Application

Here’s what you need to know.

Advent House can accommodate up to three students in the house and four students in the apartments (two in each). Resident in the house do not share bedrooms. Residents in the apartments each have their own bed on two separate floors of the loft-style space.

We typically ask that applicants spend at least a semester engaging with our ministry before applying for residency. We do, sometimes, make exceptions to that.

Students first talk with the chaplain about their interest and if it’s determined that they’d likely be a good fit, they are invited to fill out an application. Once that is complete, they dialogue again with the chaplain who also talks with the applicant’s references to more clearly determine the possibility for residency. Once the chaplain gives the green light, the applicant then meets with the Advent House board for final approval.

At the end of each semester, each resident goes through a resident review process with the chaplain. Through this time of Q&A, along with past conversations between chaplain and resident, the resident has the opportunity to communicate whether or not residency is something he or she should continue.

The following documents are available for your review. Please speak first with the chaplain before completing an application.

Application for Residency

Advent House Resident Reference

AH Lease Rev 2013

Rental Rates 2018

Feel free to call us with your residency questions: 865.522.3193.