Is It Worth the Cost?

april fools 2014

The University has offered us $750,000 to purchase Advent House and the accompanying land. Please let Michaela know your thoughts ASAP so that she can share them with the Advent House Board.

Vote here:

  • Yes, make the sale!
  • No, don’t make the sale!
  • I need more information…

Here’s some of the back story.

Over the last 15 years, UT has offered to purchase Advent House twice. Today’s offer is the third offer. We’re quite confident that the house will be torn down and the property developed into much needed parking. We ALSO know that the money UT is offering this time around is more than what we need to relocate well and either build a really great space or renovate a space in a wonderful way.

Some of the cons include the clear fact that we’d no longer have an on-campus space in which students can live and gather and it would take us some time, probably into the beginning of 2015 to have the new space fully ready for housing and gathering.





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