FUNdraising 2017

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We’ve almost completed some much-needed work on the apartments and we need $14,000 $10,000 to help with the cost of painting throughout and many repairs. Help us reach our goal by donating. And ask a friend to donate, too. The work hasn’t cost as much as we thought it would so we’ve been able to reduce our total need. So far, we’ve raised a little over $2,400!


  • You may be wondering why in the world we need $14,000 $10,000 Here are the nuts and bolts.
    1. We have two apartments that haven’t been painted in over 8 years! Aside from sealing out moisture, a fresh coat of paint also helps repel dust, dirt, and allergens. Clean walls are inviting walls.
    2. The apartments are unique spaces. (Schedule a visit, if you haven’t seen them for yourself.) It’ll take quite a bit of time and energy to complete the work having to navigate spiral staircases and wall ladders. Plus, there are some pretty tall ceilings.
    3. In addition to painting, there’s a fair amount of repair work to be done, some before the painting begins:
      –drywall repair and patch (mud and sand small defects and damage, but limited in smoothing out larger butt joints),
      –caulk at cabinet backsplash and trim
      –paint walls (neutral color e.g.crewelwork) and trim (white)
      –replace damaged grills and vents
      –replace damaged receptacles and covers, replace all non-metal receptacle covers
      –remove any unused phone lines and jacks, blank cap any unused junction boxes or fire alarms, receptacle cover where any cable and cord lines come from wall (staple B loft cord),
      –install blinds where necessary
      –paint in closets and replace broken shelves,
      –reinforce loft bed in apartment A with horizontal members (no change to attachment to wall)
      –install new exhaust fans in bathrooms and associated electrical
      –paint any painted door to match trim
      –repair any door hardware
      –repair base trim as needed
      –install quarter round trim around cabinets as needed (apartment B)
      –and remove downstairs ceiling in apartment B and investigate leak to go back with drywall white ceiling (texture TBD).

  • We’re working with a company that we’ve worked with in the past. They always do quality work and we’re grateful. Plus, we know they’ll be able to complete the work before our residents move in. That’s of utmost importance!
  • Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to ask.


Here are some FUN ways you can help us raise funds.

1. Try a Give-It-Up Fundraiser

A “Give-It-Up” fundraiser is a free fundraiser that can be between you and a close friend, or it can be expanded to include your family members and other acquaintances. Participants agree to give up an indulgence for a certain amount of time and put the money toward a cause. In this case, the cause is Advent House Repairs.

This indulgence can be something as simple as a daily latte, a weekly trip to the movies, or a fast food visit.

Instead of spending money on these expenses, you put the funds in a jar or a savings account. Over the course of even a few weeks, you can save quite a bit of money!

Deadline: Labor Day, Sept 4


2. Stash Your Cash

Have you found yourself using your credit card most of the time with little patience for cash? Have you come across some cash/coins and wondered what to do with all of it? Why not do this:

  • Call a few friends.
  • Tell them to each get an empty 2L bottle.
  • Compete against each other to see who can stash the most in the next three weeks.
  • Take the bottles to work and encourage co-workers to donate, too.
  • Take pics and post your progress to social media.
  • On August 31st, whichever friend has the greatest stash gets treated to a homemade meal by the other friends.
  • On September 1st, drop off the bottles at Advent House.


3. “Do Nothing” Donation Day — August 23

On August 23, the first day of UTK’s new school year, write a check or donate online. Call a friend who you think can also donate and complete your donations together. If you’re an alumnus or have interacted with this ministry before, you’ll have stories to share, reminding yourself and others of why your support matters. Mark your donation “Fundraising 2017” so we know not to use it for anything else but the repair work.


A word from two residents…

“I appreciate the repairs because they’re not only keeping Advent House in working order, but also helping it remain an inviting place for others to enjoy.” Cullen Pearson, Advent House resident and UTK’s ACF president




“I am a rising senior at UTK and have been a member of Advent House for three years now. This will be my first year as a resident and I’m very excited to start living in one of the apartments. Places we call home are where we retreat to after long days to prepare for the next one. Fresh paint and other renovations will be a blessing.” Jordan Hubbard, Advent House resident


Visit our general giving page to discover 3 basic ways that you can give.