Items Needed

The items below are items we’re very happy to receive gently used or new. (The gentler the use, the longer it’ll go!) Where at all possible, please provide items with neutral colors and simple (or no) patterns.

  • For Assistant Chaplain’s Room
    • Couch
    • Area Rug
  • For Apartment A
    • Bedframe
  • For Basement
    • Couch (2)
    • Large Neutral-Colored Rugs (2)

The following items are ones we’ll need to purchase sooner than later or are projects we’ll begin mapping out in 2016.

  • For Kitchen
    • Stacked Ovens
    • New Flooring
  • For Basement
    • Patching Walls Througout
    • Painting Walls Througout
    • New Flooring (in most used areas)