The Advent House chaplains serve the students in various ways and helps further the ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church on UTK’s campus.

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Michaela Lawrence Jeffery (and her husband Justin) Chaplain/Director

Michaela (and her husband Justin Jeffery)

Pastor Michaela Lawrence Jeffery serves as chaplain and director of Advent House along with director of Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF) in the Georgia-Cumberland Conference. She is a wife and mother and as a family, the three enjoy music, travel, and food from a variety of cultures. Michaela tries to be a gardener but (sadly) her plants don’t always hear from her. Her competitive side is most humorously seen during a game of Dutch Blitz.

Michaela especially enjoys helping students through mentoring. One of the ways she’s improved her listening and guiding skills is by participating in the Cypress River Coaches Training Program led by Nick Howard. In 2013, she earned a coaching certificate at the end of the training. Michaela is a member of the Campus Ministers Council at UTK and a commissioned Seventh-day Adventist pastor. 

For advising, coaching, individual Bible studies or other specifics, feel free to contact Michaela directly via email or by calling 865.522.3193.